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Month: May 2016

The nasty Red Ants!!

How to get rid of Red Ants in Sugar Container?

Hello everybody!!

Today I discovered red ants in the sugar kept in the steel container. Never expected these to be inside a closed container. To my horror I drank the milk without the sugar.

It was around a kg sugar which of course cannot be wasted.

This is how I got rid of those nasty insects —

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How to improve bland Tur Dal?

Make the Boring Tur Dal (Arhar Dal) interesting!


Ever wondered how you can improve the taste of Arhar Dal if you have forgotten to add something or maybe if it is not made as tasty as you expected it to be? You just need two simple ingredients:

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The Kitchen Bottle

Hello lovely ladies..

As you know we all need water for cooking and spill it everytime.  You will be glad to know that we can contribute to the environment by saving water. Ask me how? Its very simple.

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