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Problem of Skin Peeling around the nails

How to get rid of skin peeling around the nails?

Hellewwww Everybody…

Here’s the another useful beauty tip. Skin peeling near the nails is a problem for both guys and gals. It happens, when you are thinking, watching serious cricket, when you are tense, nervous or due to some disease. Try this Beauty tip to make your skin around the nails smooth.

All you need is:

  • Bowl
  • 2 tbsp warm raw milk

Wash your hands and dry them completely. Now pour the milk in the bowl and soak your fingers in it, for say 10 mins. Then wash your hands with water. Don’t use soap. Follow this for a week before going to bed.

See the changes for yourself 🙂 If the problem persists then see your doctor.

What to do with the skin peeling around the nails?

Stay tuned for more easy and useful tips coming along.

See ya…take care…Until next time…Mrs HappyGoLucky 🙂

If you would like to know any other home remedy, do let me know by commenting below. Happy to help you 🙂



Poha: Delicious easy breakfast

Poha Styles

Good Morning everybody..

Breakfast kiya ki nh? It is an important meal of the day, one should not miss it. Why not have Poha..which is healthy, light and easy to make?

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How to get perfectly boiled potatoes?

Perfectly Boiled Potatoes

Potato Heart

Children love it. Elders do. Dietitians and gym freaks try to avoid it. However, nobody can get away from this veggie 😀

Pick a menu and you can hardly find a menu with no – no potato dish. Desi chat like – aloo chat, tikki, pani-puri, papdi chat, rajkachori, rajtokri, samosa chat…aaah!! I can feel my mouth-watering!! Mouth Watering  are incomplete without potato.

There are many dishes where we need boiled potatoes in a specific shape which adds beauty to its presentation. Now how to do it? Only if you get perfectly boiled potatoes without any cracks.

Well the trick is to add a pinch of salt into the water used for boiling potatoes.

Cooking Hack

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