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Month: August 2016

Doctor ke notes

Hello Lovely People…

Thanks for visiting my space and keeping me motivated. I have been very busy last week. My drafts are ready but could not get time to review it. A lot has happened last week. Bid farewell to a new friend, helped my mother-in-law, landed at my place and met some old friends.

I have a lot of happy moments to share 🙂

Here goes the first one 😀


Little wifey to her dear doctor husband

Keep reading and smiling..

See ya..Until next time..Mrs HappyGoLucky 🙂


Sunday Special: I’m not what?

Hello Lovely People 🙂

We have different shapes, sizes, colors and tastes. But we all want to look good not necessarily to others but to ourselves. This post is dedicated to all the pretty women who are otherwise curvy.

I am not so thin,

Not so stunning,

yet so stylish

& full of character

I have gained inches because I was busy with other things. Things like studies, competitions, games, interviews occupied me when other girls were busy making their figures perfect. I dealt with stress and found it hard to give time to my fitness. Now I am a working woman and find it hard to give time to myself in my hectic schedule. I am a housewife who seldom has ‘me’ time. I am too busy with the daily chores and looking after my family. Over the course of time I have put on weight.

The girl in me wants to dress as per style, mood and trendy. I go to mall and crave for that perfect figure to wear my favorite dress. I workout to lose weight but pardon me I cannot be so strict with myself. Because I love myself more than my figure. Sometimes I am lazy, do not want to hit the gym daily, food is my weakness, oops I cannot sacrifice it every time. I try to get near to hourglass but often I fail because of my weaknesses.

Thanks to my dear friends who are like me, introduced me to stores like where dresses come for my sizes too. 🙂 I wear it and like to see myself in mirror. But, what’s this, who’s this? why she comments on me like this? If she doesn’t like my way then she should stay away. Why should I not wear it? I am here to enjoy in this world, to do what makes my spirit free. It can be anything. Can be as simple as choosing what to wear and what not…but Oh! please dear relatives/neighbors/strangers don’t comment ‘She’s so fat…how can she dress up like this?’ I like to follow my heart, don’t you be so hard.

Dear Ladies, let us love ourselves, stop commenting and start accommodating everybody. 🙂

Happy Friendship Day 

See Ya…Until Next Time..Mrs HappyGoLucky 🙂

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Wifey lying on husband


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