It’s that time of the year again when amidst all the festivities a terror strikes to students. So this is again March and board exams have started making springs more interesting. Today was the first board exam of my bro who is in tenth which was of Hindi. So after the exam, I had a conversation with him and relived my moments of the same.

The same terror, the same feeling, different school, different teachers, imagining life ending, experiencing sickness before the exams. Last night his ear was paining like mine used to when I was overstressed. Also a feeling how time rushes. Today after the exam feelings were so immense how he got the first seat which makes him short of time and obviously eliminates all the chances of peaking in and also how many entries he has to fill in-making me remember how careful I used to be on entering each entry and the panic attack if any mistake was made. What a rush it was to complete the paper on time! In all the rush how we used to slow down seeing teachers relishing samosas, biscuits and tea making us remember how hungry we were since morning. Also in between, those thoughts of sleep and all sorts of food came and how difficult it was to avoid them. I now wonder if by mistake I wrote some food name or random thought which passed by in place of the answer. ;P

Also after the exam mom’s love of making samosa for him and all muhavaras coming out of his mouth. Such tough words as ghadhansh padhansh of which I now don’t even know the meaning of!! Also as there is Holi a major Hindu festival coming by, he said as the mommy went to pick him up after exam his rest of the friends were playing Holi and he with the irritated face looking out from the window of the car 🙁

But now as I look back how we all make these boards our end of life and just spend day and night in worry but the fact is, it is just the beginning of life. And it’s okay if this beginning goes little bad but that is what makes us stronger. So a big shout to all the readers and their moms dads appearing for the boards this year—

May you guys rock!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Best of luck…Take care..See ya..Until next time…Mrs HappyGoLucky 🙂